[Essentially Ours] 3 Oils to lower Cholesterol [PineHill] Cholesterol---BLOOD WORK results

Good afternoon everyone, this morning Stephanie emailed me about what my
results were after restarting the oils again and here I had totally
forgotten to fill everyone in. Here is the note I sent to her, as I am sure
there are others who have wondered the same thing. Keep using and
practicing with the oils Fran

A person in my down line, who is also a nurse, has several people (including
her husband) who are using Aroma Life and having great success with getting
their blood pressure back into normal limits. A couple people have had no
luck with the medications doing the same thing, one has even been able to
come off three medications and her BP is within normal limits. I think that
is just great.


Hi---I am sorry I totally forgot to get back to all of you with the results
of my blood work after going back on the oils again. To start with last Jan
(2008) I had only used the oils for three weeks and my original blood work
was 263- and went down to 222. They were happy but not happy that I would
still not go on the cholesterol lowering drugs. So to prove a point to them
and to myself I stopped the oils and it went up to 289. I then went back on
the oils and in March 2009 it went back to 238 and the LDL and HDL were in
normal range-at least the preventive med. dr I also go to was happy. But not
the cardiologist. They are still plugging away for their drugs. Good luck


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